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Turkey Hunter 3D Fools Gold Edition
Updated for iPhone and iPod touch!

Click --> Turkey Hunter 3D <-- to get the game from the Apple Store.

Turkey Hunter Intro

Save the day from the Turkey Invasion! Play through ten separate levels of eye-popping 3D animated graphics and sneaky turkeys. Test your shooting skills as the turkey horde invades the farmyard, the suburbs and even the city. Clear as many turkeys as you can before the clock runs out. See if you have the turkey extermination skills to save the day. The high score wins. Let's just hope it's not the Turkeys with the high score, or Thanksgiving will never be the same!

For the updated version we listened to the Users and Reviewers and implemented their suggestions.The Fools Gold Edition Update includes:

1. 789% more humor, we've added jokes everywhere.
2. Shooting feedback with richer scoring.
3. Tons of new unique animations and gags.
4. Doubled the game size to 10 levels, including a Secret Cow Tipping Level.
5. New Option Screen feature with New weapons and sound control.
6. Stereo Sound.
7. Many more Cows.

Turkey Hunter Farm

turkey Hunter Road

Turkey Hunter Burbs

Bullet Holes

Dumb Turkey
( Turkephaplod youtardicus )


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Turkey Hunter Icon








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